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7 Things to Consider When Buying Face Masks Online

Face masks are compulsory in almost all public places and public transport. This is because face masks slow down the spread of the coronavirus. Use face masks to protect yourself and your loved ones from the virus. That is why you need to buy the right face masks. However, there are so many face masks to choose from, so it is hard to choose a good face mask, especially if you are buying it online.

The following are the things to consider when buying face masks online:

1. Fabrics

You want a face mask that will protect you from the virus, so ensure that the fabric of the face mask is dense and tightly woven. Tightly woven fabrics have small holes, so they offer the best chance of protection. Therefore, buy face masks made from tightly woven fabrics like high thread count sheets or canvas. Do not buy the ones made of light fabric. Why? They have big holes, so they do not offer the best protection.

2. Avoid Face Masks Made of Knit Materials

Do not buy face masks made of knit materials. Knit materials can stretch. When they stretch, the holes become bigger. This increases the chances of viruses getting through the face mask. Additionally, if the face mask is too tight on your face, the knit material stretches, especially over protruding areas such as your nose. This exposes you to the virus. That is why you must check the materials before buying the face masks online.

3. Fit

The fit is an important factor when buying face masks. You should buy a face mask that fits snugly on your face. If possible, make sure the face mask covers your mouth and nose with no gaps. You will wear the face mask to protect yourself from the virus. However, if the face mask does not fit your properly, it leaves spaces where the virus can pass through. Ensure you are buying a face mask that will fit perfectly on your face.

4. The Fastener

You must consider the fastener of the face mask before buying it. Some fasteners can slide, especially if you have straight hair. If this happens in a crowded place, your face mask will fall off. This exposes you to the virus. However, ear loops made with elastic cords can make you feel sore after a couple of hours, even though they hang more easily. If you will wear your face mask for a few hours, buy these face masks.

5. Comfort

You might have to wear your face masks for several hours during the day. Some people have passed out because they have been wearing face masks for several hours. Do not buy a face mask that will obstruct your nose and mouth. It is important to buy a lightweight, single-layer face masks, especially the ones made of breathable fabric. You will breathe easily when wearing these masks, and you can comfortably wear them for several hours.

6. The Shape of the Mask

Face masks come in different shapes. Face masks that can curve to your cheeks better are cone silhouettes. That is why they offer better protection than a plain piece of cloth. If you can get cone-shape masks, buy them. They fit quite nicely on the cheeks, so they offer better protection. However, if hate cone-shaped face masks, you can buy face masks that can fit nicely on your face.

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These are the things to consider when buying face masks. It takes lots of time and effort to find the best face masks on the internet. Why? Because there are so many face masks to choose from. And it is important to take proper care of your face mask, especially reusable or washable face masks. Do not use hot water to wash your face masks.